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Get advice, guidance, and sparring for your challenges and issues in sales, management, HR, conflicts, and more...


One-on-one consultancy, sparring, and counseling

Price: DKK 2,500 / hour. Invoiced per initiated 15 minutes.
Exclusively for companies and public institutions, no private appointments.

SalesPilot and PeopleReader Tony E. Clausen guides and advices you towards the goals, you have defined - or finds out which goals you acknowledge having. You will get Tony one-on-one and receive help in different areas:

  • Development of management and leadership (two different things)
  • Firing, hiring, and managing (motivating) employees
  • Developing employees and helping them to reach their full potential
  • Conflicts, internal and external

Management consultancy
Mangament is to create results through people with functions! You and Tony work with the aspects of your management and leadership that you wish to change and develop.

Together, you discover what you want to work with, and how you actually do that. You will get a consultant, who is completely honest and direct, as well as action and people oriented.

Firing, hiring, and managing
How do you fire, hire, and manage the people, you are responsible for? Together, you and Tony investigate the phycological instruments and parameters that enable you to embrace the very wide spectrum, a leader has to embrace - from dismissals and hirings to the daily motivation of your employees.

Every leader gets the employees, he or she deserves, and your employees get the management, they deserve. How and when depends on you and your goals. You will get to know yourself better, thus get to know your management and the ones receiving it better. If you dare to ...

Employee consultancy
You need an independant and honest person to guide you in your work - regardless if you face a specific problem or have lost your spark, you and Tony will focus on the things you need, and where you need to have goals.

If you are still breathing, you definitely have an unredeemed potential. Everyone does. If you are up for finding, acknowledging, and acting on it, one or more consultancies may be the accelerator that helps you help yourself.

Conflicts require more mental and emotional energy than most other problems. Often, we cannot find our way out of a conflict, when we are part of it ourselves. You will receive proven techniques and tools to prevent and handle the conflicts you face right now.

To get out of any conflict, you have to take responsibility for your part of the conflict and to understand the other person's situation. Direct, honest, unfiltered communication is the fast lane out of any conflict - but you have to put aside your EGO, "consideration inflammation", and prejudices and face yourself and the counterpart openly, and with trust, honesty, and the will to reconciliation. Do you want to?

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