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About us

Who and what is SalesPilots?

Join SalesPilots on an unconventional journey to different altitudes in sales and self-knowledge. We are confident that this is the best altitude into the reality of sales.
Choosing SalesPilots as travel agency in the formation and education in sales requires that you fasten your seatbelt and are willing to fly new ways to look at sales and are open to self-knowledge and perception.

Why choose SalesPilots?

Get the customer, never just the sale!

Selling is 80% psychology, 20% technique and 100% presence! Self-knowledge leads to presence, which leads to a greater understanding of the customer and the reality of sales.

Our focus is on helping our travellers to have the customer tomorrow - more than a quick sale today!
We define the act of selling as: "To help customers choose".

Today's customers would rather choose than be sold to. When you choose to fly with us, you also choose a destination that focuses on long-term results. Long-term focus is what ensures your profitability, job satisfaction as well as happy, loyal customers.

We never teach our travellers to convince, manipulate, or persuade customers. We want you to help your customers to an overview and make a choice.

We fly into sales with the knowledge in our heads and wisdom in our hearts that sales is a profession. A profession that requires honesty, persistence, and great psychological (self) knowledge in order to get long term satisfied and happy customers.

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Your journey with SalesPilots has 5 destinations:
  • Decision Facilitation
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Behavioural psychology & emotional intelligence
  • Nonverbal communication & body language
  • Order technique

With SalesPilots, you get education and guidedance in reaching new heights to understand yourself and your customers.

You will be happy and proud to be in the profession of sales. Our goal is to help salespeople to being happy in their daily work. Happy salespeople have happy customers.

Tony E. Clausen Energetic disseminator & mentor
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Meet Lone Folke Bendstrup Sales traffic controller
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Tony E. Clausen Energetic disseminator & mentor

Tony E. Clausen has worked in sales all his life. His focus has been on export sales, establishing foreign sales offices, and sales turnarounds for all kinds of businesses.
Since 1996 he has studied and taught sales, marketing, human behaviour, and nonverbal communication. He has used these studies in his role as propagator, mentor, instructor, and lecturer.

Tony conveys knowledge and research in a usable way, along with experience and practice. The foundation of his work is focused on human beings and what works at an individual level. Sales is far more human-oriented than we have been told.

Throughout his career, Tony has been Area Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, Managing Director, Internal Sales Consultant, and busboy. He has lived in England and France - and has been responsible for sales offices and salespeople in Europe, the US, and Latin America. From 1996 - 2006, he travelled around the world 130 - 160 days every year, selling to all kinds of people and cultures.

Values, Goal, Vision, and Mission

Our core values are:

Utility value
Know that we always strive to become wiser


Our goals are:

Making sales a highly respected trade
Making salespeople happy in their jobs
Making our customers independent of us



Helping people understand themselves and the customers in the reality of sales
Making sales a highly respected trade & craft



SalesPilots is known for the crusade of making the perception and execution af sales human, desirable, and positive for both buyer and seller.

SalesPilots is the natural choice of sales education and counseling, when you wish to improve in the trade of sales.

SalesPilots is first and foremost known for focusing on helping the customer making a definite choice. Secondly, if that choice includes seller's product.

SalesPilots spreads the message that sales is a trade and a craft that people naturally respect.

SalesPilots makes being in sales so safe that you gladly identify with being a salesperson.

SalesPilots spreads the love for sale as a method for helping people to make a choice.


SalesPilots Dogmas:


Dogma 1: A SalesPilot always helps unselfishly

Dogma 2: A SalesPilot always makes it easy for the customer

Dogma 3: A SalesPilot sees every human being as a "customer"

Dogma 4: A SalesPilot is always conscious of feelings or acknowledges that they are unconscious

Dogma 5: A SalesPilot is always honest (even to oneself)

Dogma 6: A SalesPilot is the best possible version of oneself and is ready for realization

Dogma 7: A SalesPilot knows that there are things, the SalesPilot still needs to know ...

Dogma 8: A SalesPilot challenges and provokes to promote customer realizations

Dogma 9: A SalesPilot only preaches what the SalesPilot does (or admits it at the same time)

Dogma 10: A SalesPilot always assesses behavior rather than intention

Dogma 11: A SalesPilot knows that only the person can change him/herself - we can only inspire and motivate

Dogma 12: A SalesPilot promises what can be kept and keeps what is promised

Dogma 13: A SalesPilot is remarkably persistent in all efforts