These customers were happy to fly with SalesPilots

Since 2010, many companies have chosen to fly with SalesPilots. Here is a sample of some of them. Please ask for more!

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Selected customers flying with the SalesPilots:

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Selected customers say:

Karsten Madsen

Course with SalesPilots: "From the beginning of the dialogue, we had a very clear picture that SalesPilots' approach to sales was the right match for us. It was about honesty and openness to sales and a willingness to work with our own thoughts and beliefs. It was NEVER sales gimmicks, which others may associate with sales training. "

Thomas Møller Jensen
Market Director, New Business, IT Relation

Course with SalesPilots: "We received very tangible tools that we can continue working with. It has resulted in us getting a boost, which has been a huge gift. If you are willing to invest what's needed, it's very unique. "

Peter Bangsgaard
Market Director, Skandia Danmark

Courses with SalesPilots since 2014: "We have grown our overall distribution by over 90%. I think a really big part of that is due to the training program we started".

Rune Lind Pedersen
Area Sales Manager, ITW GSE

Attended Boot Camp: "A fantastic education. Fierce, intense, educational, eye opening, provocative. NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!"

Helene Andersen

Attended Boot Camp: "Really professional. I love how Tony's brave enough to being 100% himself. Amazing how everything is thought out. I have received so much knowledge, good ideas, inspiration, and motivation. Thank you so much!"

Peter Thomsen
CEO, Morning Train

Courses with SalesPilots: "We register time in Morning Train, which is why I know that our key salespeople spend significantly less time in 2018 on sales efforts than in 2017 – but our revenue grew by 80%. Tony taught us, in our sales training in 2017, to be far more attentive to efficient sales efforts – and the results speak for themselves".

Hans-Peter Noer
Regional Manager, JobTeam

Attented Sales Management: "Inspirational and with many good tools, which only have value if you use them! Many personal boundaries were pushed - I was provoked and pressured in a positive and constructive way."

Fly with SalesPilots ...

- if you want sales and self-knowledge

With SalesPilots, you get insight, inspiration, and input to helping customers choose if they want to buy, what they want to buy, and from whom. When they have made these choices, it is the seller's job to find out, if the choices match seller's product.

You never have to convince, manipulate, or persuade. You must always help the customer to gain an overview: Firstly, of their decisions, and secondly, of your product.