Be the best networker

SalesPilots' entire existence is build on formal networks and a targeted effort to create a business based on networking.

Thus, Tony knows what he is talking about, when you get his advice and input to how you build your business through formal and informal networks.


Be the best networker

Price DKK 21,000 plus VAT and transportation.
Tailored workshop for you and your colleagues.

Being the best networker is much more than selling your product to others in the network. The best networkers excel by putting a major effort into participating, giving, helping, and sharing with the network.

The good networker is prepared, vigorous, seeks contact to strangers, follows up on previous conversations, and most importantly - the best networker gives, shares, and helps impartially and from a pure wish to help.

Receive good, sturdy, and proven tools to becoming the best networker. You and your colleagues will definitely leave with your mental backpack full of insights, methods, and tools.

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What do you get for DKK 21,000?!

  • Pre-meeting (Skype / phone) with the trainer about content and form
  • The content is targeted on how you become the best networker formally and informally
  • Always well-prepared, vigorous and on time trainer
  • A workshop of at least 3 hours
  • Video teaser for the participants. That way, they have already seen the trainer and heard of the content
  • All materials on PDF for everybody
  • The participants can contact the trainer for more input in all eternity (as long as he walks this earth ...)
  • 1 hour evaluation with the trainer after the talk