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Sales Management

Managing sales and salespeople is all but easy. It is a never ending balance between taking action yourself - and creating results through salespeople and the entire company. Go to gate and join 4 demanding days of management education with your colleagues. You will receive loads of insight, input, and instructions in managing and creating sales results.


A journey into yourselves, management, and management of sales and salespeople

Sales Management is an education that challenges you, your opinions, and your self knowledge with regards to both management and sales. You will be active every day from morning until late night.

You and your company should only choose this education in sales management, if you are open to taking a challenging journey into yourselves as leaders, your opinion towards management, and if you have a sincere wish for developing your sales management. Otherwise you should save your time and energy.

In theory, there is no difference in theory and practice. There is in practice!

We only teach what is proven to work in sales management. Abstract theories and models are deliberately ignored in favor of specific practice, which has proven its worth in the relentless reality (of sales).

You and your colleagues are likeminded, and together you fly to the methods and techniques, which have enormous influence on management of sales and salespeople.

Your trainers know your reality - they have been there themselves and lend out shoulders and ears to both employees and top management. Our experiences become your perception and insight.

After the 4 days and 3 nights, your physical and mental toolbox is filled with new knowledge, new tools, and particularly new insights in the management of the sales.

After the 4 days, you and your colleagues will have much more insight in yourselves and sales management.


Over view

The education is divided into 2 days with psychology, self-knowledge, and mental management tools and 2 days with specific practice and physical management tools:


Day 1 & 2:

  • Learning types: How people receive learning and instructions differently
  • Memory: How the memory works, and how you ensure that you, your employees, and customers remember
  • Sales and decision facilitation: A completely different mental way of relating to sales and the customer journey
  • Operating circles: How people automatically operate inefficiently, and what you can do about it
  • Being a leader: Do you manage as yourself or as the management you have received formally and informally?
  • Comfort zones: We love what we know! There is lots of potential outside your mental comfort zone
  • Reflection: What controls you - your management or your actions? Fear or happiness?
  • Management as a trade: Empirical insight in how management is received, and what you can do!
  • Management style analysis: Analysis of your management style through self-reporting and feedback from the group
  • Emotional Intelligence: Every action, thought, and word is the resultat of emotions - to understand emotions is to understand people!
  • Your management plan: Reflection on your management plan the next 3 months
  • Self-knowledge exercise: Taking it one step deeper - physically and mentally - into yourself, and what motivates you!

Day 3 & 4:

  • The sales manager's do's & don'ts: The good, efficient actions, and the less good
  • Qualification: Scientific and efficient qualification of both employees and customers
  • The sales manager's benchmarks: Specific systems for measuring, weighing, and ensuring the sellers' efficient sales effort
  • Segmentation: Weighted customer and action segmentation
  • Service levels: How you ensure that your customers get the best possible service experience
  • Puls of the week: Motivation and management of the employees
  • Motivation vs competence matrix: Tool for development talks with the employees
  • Your management plan: Reflection and reassessment of your management plan the next 3 months
  • Added sales: How you build your organisation for natural and efficient added sales without putting pressure on either your salespeople nor the customers
  • Discounts: Tools to get your employees to understand discounts versus operation margin
  • Six steps for good dialogue: Tools for better conversations with your employees
  • The result formula: Method for measuring the effort's likely result in the future
  • Profitability: System for consistent analysis of profitability at any level
  • Graduation: You will become Pilot in Salgs Management and has the right to carry Pilot in Salgs Management wings

Pilots in Sales Management

and with many good tools, which only have value if you use them! Many personal boundaries were pushed - I was provoked and pressured in a positive and constructive way."
- Hans-Peter Noer, Regional Manager, JobTeam

"The education lived fully up to my expectations. I feel I can become a better leader after this education".
- Benny Thomsen, CEO, Spica Technology

"Long, hard days, but very inspirational ... filled up with impressions. I got quite a bit of tools".
- Claus Lanner, Sales Manager and co-owner, HYDRA-COMP

"Inspirational, instructive, and exciting".
- Anders Firgaard, Senior Sales Manager, Haarup Maskinfabrik

"I was somewhat surprised: Before the education, I was certain I needed management tools. But it was the psychology that gave me the most. It was an eye opener for me (...) that the biggest challenge is within myself!".
- Peter Thomsen, Operations Director, Morning Train

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What do you get for DKK 120,000?!

  • Pre-meeting (phone/online/physically) with the trainer about content and form
  • +47 lessions in psychology management - mentally and practically
  • Always well-prepared and vigorous trainer
  • Management style analysis
  • 4 templates for management and conversations with the employees
  • Complete sales effort qualification & management system (pdf and paper)
  • Mental challenges by former special forces trainer
  • SP table sign in pure aluminium
  • SP Flight Tag
  • Red wings as proof of passing
  • SP best advice
  • Decision facilitation
  • All material electronically to keep for good
  • Diploma
  • Evaluation (phone/online/physically)