SalgsPiloterne vip grupperejse
Talks about sales - service - trade

Input, inspiration, and insight - in the reality of sales

A journey into today's sales:
- The new reality of sales - discover how you ensure your sale in the future!
- Sales and self-knowledge - to understand the customer requires self-knowledge
- Change "I hate selling!" into - "I love helping!"

SalgsPiloterne foredrag publikum Tony i forgrund

What do you get for DKK 19,000?!

  • Always well-prepared, vigorous and on time trainer
  • 60 minutes of input, inspiration, and insight
  • Video teaser for the participants. That way, they have already seen the trainer and heard of the content
  • All materials on PDF for everybody
  • The participants can contact the trainer for more input in all eternity (as long as he walks this earth ...)
  • 1 hour evaluation with the trainer after the talk