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Sales and self-knowledge

Understand yourself and your customers in the reality of sales!

Your flight to unconventional sales, consulting and management departs here. All flights begin with self knowledge, with a stop-over in sales as a trade, and with the customers' choice as the eternal destination!
Why choose SalesPilots?

Get the customer, never just the sale!

Selling is 80% psychology, 20% technique and 100% presence! Self-knowledge leads to presence, which leads to a greater understanding of the customer and the reality of sales.

Our focus is on helping our travellers to gain the customer tomorrow - more than the quick sale today!
We define selling as: "To help customers choose".

Today's customers would rather choose than be sold to. When you choose to fly with us, you also choose a destination, which focuses on long-term results. Long-term focus is what ensures your profitability, job satisfaction and satisfied, loyal customers.

We never teach to convince, manipulate or persuade customers. We only teach how you help your customers get an overview and make a decision.

We fly into sales with the attitude in the brain and the wisdom in the heart that sales is a profession. A profession that requires honesty, persistence, and great psychological (self) knowledge in order to get long-term satisfied and happy customers.

Skandia has received
sales training by SalesPilots
since 2014

"We have grown our overall distribution by just over 90%. I think a really big part of that is due to the training program we introduced”.

With SalesPilots, you receive an unconventional approach to sales. Today's customers would rather choose than be sold to. Discover SalesPilots' definition of sales: Selling is helping - customers choose. With SalesPilots you get sales and self-knowledge!

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