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Decision facilitation

Why do some customers fail to buy, even if they have the need and the budget, and they tell you that they have made the decision? What causes the customers' indecisiveness, and what can you do about it?! Join the travel to decision phycology and decision facilitation and find out, how you and your colleagues can lead the customers towards a clear decision.


Lead the customers to a decision

Price DKK 30,000 plus VAT and transportation.

Why does so much of the sales effort fail? Why do some customers avoid buying, even if they have both the need and budget, and they tell you that the decision has been made? Why do some customers "vanish" into thin air, when they promised to come back on your offer?

This is a mystery to most salespeople. But when you get to know the research in decisions and decision processes, the mystery is solved. You will get familiar with Sharon Drew Morgen's "Buying facilitation" and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman's research in decision psychology.
Decision facilitation is the process before the salesperson presents the product. The salesperson is transformed into a "midwife" and project manager for a while, and will wait with the actual product presentation, until the buyer is clear on what, where, how, and how much.

Customers buy, when they have a feeling that they:

  1. Review it / idea overview
  2. Have made the decision to buy
  3. Have acceptance from the stakeholder(s)
  4. Have the resources to buy (time, money, man hours, space)
  5. Expect no or little loss

The decision to buy has surprisingly little to do with you, your product or the price! Buying is so complex, since it actually is a "change" to buy something from a supplier that you have never done business with before. Decision facilitation is much like change management. The salesperson helps the customer to realize if they want a change or not.

Notice: Decision facilitation is no guarantee of a "yes" to the salesperson's product! Much of the sales effort is wasted on processes, which end up with a "no", or the customer "disappears" and is impossible to get in contact with. Using decision facilitation as a method ensures that you don't waste time on "maybe's" and indecisiveness on your way towards a decision - which can be both "Yes" and "No".

Decision facilitation is a method that leads the customer faster to a decision on if and what they want. Both you and the customer save time and energy on indecisiveness.

Decision facilitation is to "hurry up slowly" and being the customer's navigator in the decision - regardless if the customer chooses your product or not - it is effective, creates loyalty, and much more time saving than traditional presentations and sales pitches.

Fly into the world of decision facilitation and discover how fast and efficiently it brings results.

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What do you get for DKK 30,000?!

  • Pre-meeting (Skype / phone) with the trainer about content and form
  • The content is always targeted the company and participants
  • Always well-prepared, vigorous and on time trainer
  • 7 hours of input, inspiration, and insight
  • Video teaser for the participants. That way, they have already seen the trainer and heard of the content
  • All materials on PDF for everybody
  • The participants can contact the trainer for more input in all eternity (as long as he walks this earth ...)
  • 1 hour evaluation with the trainer after the education